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I have enormous respect for all the brave soldiers who liberate our country! Therefore I made some pictures and a poster about the liberation of my part of the country. Therefore these pictures of WW2 monuments

In remembrance of:

Brummen, Airborne soldiers

Brummen; Airborne soldiers

Voorst, Ijssel Crossing

Voorst: IJssel crossing

Terwolde, graves Bomber crew

Terwolde; Bomber crew

Wilp, Graves Canandian Soldiers

Wilp; Soldiers

World War 2 remembrance poster

WW 2 tribute

Bathmen, Holland Canadian libarators

Bathmen: Canadian liberators

Wilp Church monument Canadian soldiers

Wilp;48 th Highlander commander Donald A.Mackenzie

Almen, remembrance Allied Liberators

Almen: Allied liberators

Garderen WW2 soldiers

Garderen; Canadian soldiers

More WW2 monuments and graves in Deventer, Wijk bij Duurstede and Dutch graves nearby the river Kwai.

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